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Maa Shri Kalka Ji Mandir

Maa Shri Kalka Ji Mandir

This ancient temple of devotees, Maa Shri Kalka ji has been built in the mountains of the Aravalli hills in Delhi. According to the ancestor of Maa Shri Kalka Ji, it is said that in ancient times, the Maa appeared in this place and Swam and since then this Swambhu statue is sitting in the Bhawan.

According to the Mahabharata, during the establishment of Indraprastha Lord Krishna under Lord Shiva, along with all Pandavas worshiped the Maa in this proven bench situated on the Sunkoot Mountain.

In time, this Shrine became known as the Pradhan (Sidhh) Peth of "Jayanti Kali"

This house “BHAWAN” of Maa is made of Tantric method on the octagon. It has twelve doors according to zodiac sign and there are 36 doors in the orbit outside. The main gate of the temple is in the east direction. There is a small “Shivaalay”pagoda stuck with the right and outer orbits of the main entrance of the temple. It is said that at the time the temple of Mata Kalka Ji was being built, it was felt that "Shivaalay" should be removed from this place. For this purpose, Shivling was tried to dig out the dig, then even if it was digging a deep depth, there was no end to Shivalinga and it was possible to get out of it.

And the construction work will be depleted. In such a situation, the builders did many religious rituals to admit Shri Maa Kalka ji, so that the Maa pleased and gave it to the builders in the dream in order to make the temple of God Shiva. So, this was done so that the building of Maa Shri Kalka ji became very fast soon without any obstruction. In the north, the idol of the first revered Lord Shri Ganesha is and some distance, Bhairav ji and Sankat Mochan Mahabali are the temple of Lord Hanuman ji. At the distance of the main entrance of the temple, about 14 feet away, the statue of Mata's Gan 2 lion and 84 hours on them is engaged. It is said that in the entire 1778th, Raja Ram Verma sacrificed Lalit Parambika here and presented 84 hours to the Goddess. It is said that Maharaja Surajmal of Bharatpur had worshiped Lord Maa Goddess Bhagwati before the Shravan Shukla 5th 1786th and after the victory, the building was built and many Dharmashayas and palaces were constructed. All around the building and the ruins of the bavali, ponds, buildings, they find that this place of Maa Shri Kalka ji is very old and here is the work of building and repairing of buildings in every era. According to the elderly, this building was also constructed by Maharaj Anangpal. Arunadev Varman, a well-known Sanskrit scholar of Sanskrit literature, has described his book in Surya Shatak here and is written while reciting Kalka Mai..

"Sri Kalikee Shubhadevi Devi, Suryakot Niwas.
Dwam Devi Mahamee Vishwaroopaye Namastatiya .. "
"श्री कालिके शुभदे देवी, सूर्यकोट निवासनी ।
त्वम देवी महामये विश्वरूपये नामस्तुतिये ।।"

Operation and supervision of this building / temple from North-East by Shri Rambaksh Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Bahadar Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Tansukh Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Jasram Bhardwaj Ji, and the successor of Baba Operation and supervision of this building / temple from North-East by Shri Rambaksh Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Bahadar Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Tansukh Bhardwaj Ji, Mr. Jasram Bhardwaj Ji, and the successor of Baba Gorakhnathji, by Shri Kalka ji Mandir. At present, the heirs of the above priests are called Thulla Rambaksh, Thula Bahadar, Thula Tansukh, Thulla Jasram, Thulla. In the tradition of maatra devotees, the names of the priests mentioned here are the most famous.

This proven power has come from the memory of the mother, meditation, worship, worship, kirtan, jagaran, yuga and mother has been fulfilling the wish of her devotees from the Yuga. In the number of thousands of devotees per day, the devotees offer the flowers, garlands, coconut and sardine as offerings to Maa Shri Kalka JI to fulfill their wish. There is no discrimination in this temple and there is no racism and high caste. Here devotees of every caste come to worship the mother Shri Kalka ji to fulfill their wish and those devotees are given devotion to the devotees and the Tilak is imparted and all the devotees of the mother are treated equally.

Navratri, which comes two times (Chaitra and Asoj) in the year, there is a very large fair here, whose priests and police here are easily arranged properly and nobody has any kind of unhappiness.

The ritual of the following chants has a miraculous effect in this Siddha Vidyetha:-

" ॐ जयंती मंगलाकाली भद्रकाली कपालिनी।
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा नमोस्तुते।।
सर्व मंगल मंगलए शिवे, सर्वार्थ साधिके।
शरण्ये त्रियम्बिकेय गौरी, नारायणी नमस्तुते।। "

"Om Jayanti Mangalakali Bhadrakali Kapalini
Durga Kshma Shiva Dhaatri Swaha Namostute ..
Sarve Mangal Mangilya Shiva, Sarvarth Sadhikey
Sharaniyatrayambikay Gauri, Narayani Namastute ... "


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